SAMSA - Polypropylene Sacks

Experts in polypropylene sacks and ropes

For more than years SAMSA has been producing high quality polypropylene packaging, responsibly adhering to rigorous sustainability standards.

We are the largest in Honduras

Our modern production plant has more than 107,600 square foot and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The installed capacity in bags is 72 million units per year and in rope is 1 million 300 thousand pounds per year, which makes it the largest in Honduras and places it among the fifth largest in Central America. SAMSA employs more than 250 direct employees.

We are a full process company, from the resin pellet to the packaging ready to be used in your industry. We are certified in ISO 9001-2015 Management Systems

Certificate SC-CER207653
Certificate SC-CER207653

our products

We manufacture polypropylene sacks, ropes and big-bags in a variety of sizes and custom specifications for commercial and industrial use.

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Whatever your need in polypropylene bags and ropes, at SAMSA we have the right solution for you.